Siriusx Energy

Wind energy is a converted form of solar energy that is created in its core by the nuclear fusion of hydrogen into helium. Despite the fact that the earth only receives a small portion of solar radiation, it meets nearly all of the planet’s energy requirements.

Energy has always been and will continue to be the lifeblood of every economy. It is one of the most essential variables in the growth of the country.  The wind as a source of energy is gradually gaining popularity across the world. Wind power is no longer utilized in Nigeria; all that is left are residues of its prior use. However, in order to find a long-term solution to Nigeria’s energy problems, the government and independent experts have assessed the country’s wind energy potential. Wind energy technology (WET) Is one form of technology whose capacity has not been fully maximized in Nigeria. Apart from the fact that wind energy is environmentally friendly and improves human health, Wind energy assists projects economically by creating jobs, providing a new source of cash for farmers and ranchers in the form of land leasing payments, and increasing the local tax base. Wind energy may also help people save money on their electricity bills, and in some places such as Texas, it has even led to free electricity.

Despite having an abundant supply of wind energy resources for power generation, Nigeria is still faced with a high level of energy poverty, which has restrained development and economic growth, with some parts of the country, particularly rural areas, lacking access to modern resources that come with the availability of electric power.

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