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The proxima B version 1 comes in different plans, and payment for any of the plans can be made installmentally. Package- proxima B version 1 set Cost- #648,000 annually (50% lower) when compared to gasoline generators and fueling annually, as an average 8.5KVA Generator costs about #540,000 – #790,000. Also,considering the current price of fuel in the country, powering the said generator for 100 days only (excluding maintenance) will cost over 1.5 million naira. Package- 1kw proxima B solar system Cost- #450,000 (30% lower)


proxima B version 1 is 100% user friendly and simple to use, it is largely built on a solar solution that provides access to clean, non-polluting energy, as we at sirius x energy believe that this is the first step that must be taken before any further growth can take place. To this effect, the device is built to automatically extract energy from wind and sunlight and convert them to usable energy for power supply.


The Proxima B version 1 systems are capable of supplying power for 24hrs.

Solar-Wind Hybrid

Introducing our Solar-Wind Hybrid System, a pioneering solution addressing Nigeria’s energy challenges. Our innovation combines locally manufactured vertical-axis wind turbines with solar panels, creating a reliable and sustainable source of power. Designed for low wind speeds and tailored to Nigeria’s unique weather conditions, our system ensures uninterrupted energy supply. The integration of a cutting-edge axial flux generator enhances affordability by reducing dependency on foreign suppliers. Our hybrid system represents a groundbreaking step towards a cleaner and more efficient energy future for Nigeria.

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