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The Fundamentals Of Energy A comprehensive Overview

Fossil fuels are natural resources that have been utilized by energy systems, these fossil fuels were produced when dead ancient plants and animals gradually died and decayed beneath layers of rock.  Based on the mix of organic materials present, the amount of time it was buried, and the temperature and pressure conditions that persisted throughout […]

A brief history of Energy

The history of energy dates back to the earliest civilizations, as humans have always relied on energy sources to power their daily lives. The earliest forms of energy were derived from natural sources, such as fire and sunlight, and were used for basic needs such as cooking and heating.  As civilizations developed, so did the […]

The potential of wind energy in Nigeria

Wind energy is a converted form of solar energy that is created in its core by the nuclear fusion of hydrogen into helium. Despite the fact that the earth only receives a small portion of solar radiation, it meets nearly all of the planet’s energy requirements. Energy has always been and will continue to be […]